Five secrets to build an award-winning team

Building a high-growth team is difficult. There are a huge amount of challenges to deal with as a business scales and this puts pressure on the team behind it. Building and preparing your team for high growth is vital for a business with great ambitions.

My business was lucky enough to have been awarded the title of High Growth Team of the Year, so we thought we?d share our learnings on what we believe are the best five ideas on how you can get the most from your team:

1) Great people

First and foremost, a team is only as good as the people that make it and how they work together. It?s vital to bring in people who are passionate about the business and its performance. You just can?t teach the kind of value that team members like this bring in, and we can safely say that everyone in the business is passionate about building the best business we can.

One of the most effective uses of a good team is bringing together the right combination of perspectives, experience and knowledge in order to achieve the businesses vision. We like to keep things moving by using new joiners to provide a fresh set of eyes on existing processes to receive feedback and get a new perspective on whether we are doing things as effectively as possible.

We are always open to new ideas and getting this fresh perspective, can often raise new and innovative ways of improving the existing services or updating current systems in place.

On the flipside, a team also needs experience, and that?s where the directors come in. By combining teams of experience and new talent you bring together the best of two worlds: established best practice with fresh new thinking. This is a crucial element of building a team that can grow a business quickly.

Diversity also plays a crucial role in bringing fresh perspectives ? with different experiences and backgrounds comes different ideas on how things can be done. Bringing this wealth of knowledge together can give you the edge in innovating beyond your competition. 

2) Flexibility and resourcefulness

Great people are extraordinarily resourceful and flexible in their approach to business and that?s our second tip on gearing for growth.

A great team is made of up players that complement one other, and in a startup environment that?s incredibly important as the demands of the business change very quickly. This has been key to our ability to grow so quickly, with everyone in the team being able to work within different roles and departments when the demands of the business dictate. This allows us to fulfil the ever-growing demand of our customers, without compromising service.

Read more secrets to building an award-winning team on page two…

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