Five secrets to build an award-winning team

3) Team dynamics

It?s no secret that great teams have excellent camaraderie, and that?s why it?s third on our list of must have elements to a high-growth team. Although balancing the right culture isn?t necessarily something you can just implement, you can give it plenty of opportunity to flourish.

Regardless of how busy things can get, it?s important to step back at least once a week and socialise with colleagues. We have weekly socials which can involve fun and quirky challenges like “can you eat an entire watermelon in 30 minutes?”, to engaging learning opportunities from guest speakers.

These opportunities provide not only a direct learning opportunity but also a chance for collaborations to be born from conversations that might not have otherwise had chance to take place. 

Essentially, ensure your team has all the opportunity to develop around the core aspects of the business, it will ultimately bring prosperity and greater innovative ability to the business.

4) Inspiring leadership 

The best leaders get the most out of their team, and inspire the team to push for new levels of excellence in all areas. Your culture should be focused towards laying down best practice, which allows the team as a whole to work autonomously.

With decision-making and problem solving following a very de-centralised model, team members are given the flexibility and freedom to pursue new ideas. This open and inclusive approach gives employees the chance to noticeably impact on the success of the business and ensures that all team members are on board with your central mission.

5) Celebrate success

Last but not least, celebrate success! Life in a startup isn?t easy, and when the team achieves something great then it?s important to recognise that by celebrating.

It?s difficult to grow your business, and we hope this helps you on your journey to success. 

Steve Folwell is Managing Director of LOVESPACE.

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