Five sectors ripe for disruption

Consumer health

The current health care system is under huge pressure. It is crying out for innovative solutions to help diagnose, treat and prevent illness – to deflate ballooning healthcare budgets.

Already mobile apps and connected devices are promising to significantly improve productivity. It is likely more and more health services will be delivered through intelligent hardware and software.

Wellness and fitness applications are also picking up speed.

From the all-too-regular announcements of NHS funding problems and care crises across a multitude of disciplines, it is clear that something has to change. Start-ups that want to change the world would do well to start here.

Wearable technology

Talked about for some time, wearable technology has now come into fashion.

Glasses, watches, sensors – the number of wearable devices is predicted to rise ten fold in the next five years.

So far devices have been fairly gimmicky – offering ways to track how far you have walked or alert you to the latest Facebook updates.

But the big brands such as Google, Sony and Samsung are already latching on to wearable tech?s appeal – a major theme coming out of the recent Las Vegas consumer electronics gathering. This is because the smart money is on wearable tech transforming a large part of the smart phone market in the future.

Innovative start-ups that tap into this trend could be a good fit?.

Augmented reality, which overlays objects, images and information over the real world could be a game changer. As could start-ups that tap into the quantified self – devices that measure what we do and how healthy we are, with the view that the more self aware we are, the more we do to improve ourselves.

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