Five sectors ripe for disruption

3-D printing

Another sector that has grabbed its fair share of hype and hyperbole – but over the next five years it is likely to grow from gimmick to goliath. Clever start-ups can get in at the start of a manufacturing revolution.

3-D printing refers to a process of making a three-dimensional solid object of virtually any shape, from a digital model. At the moment the reality is far from the dream – with affordable printers only able to produce simple, one colour, one material objects. But the industry is evolving – with the vision to produce anything from personalised shoes to car parts to prosthetic limbs, all at the touch of a button.

It is not just the direct 3D-printing element that provides the promised land for start-ups, it is the industries that will spring up because of the new technology, offering personalised, tailored products and services and on-demand delivery.?

Mobile customer engagement

Wearable tech might be the in fashion, but you only have to look at how addicted we have become to our smart phones, tapping away on the train, bus, in the street ? to know there remains a huge opportunity and potential market for start ups.

The next big battleground, so far largely untapped by Google and major brands, is personalised location-based customer engagement – real time, real world communication. Mobile purchases and e-commerce, instant customer feedback, real time offers and deals, instant interactive information ? services and tools that engage consumers and give them something back in return for their engagement.

Wooshping, which allows businesses and consumers to interact with a tap of the phone at events, venues or on the high street, is an example of a start-up, which I help, that is taking advantage of this growing opportunity.?

So there you have it. Five sectors ripe for change, disruption, opportunity, growth?what are you waiting for?

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