Five social media tips to help market your brand

Try not to use closed questions or simple statements, get a conversation going. Twitter is an excellent place for this as the platform itself is very conversation based. People use Twitter to share opinions and thoughts, often using hashtags.

The great thing about Twitter is you can search for relevant hashtags and jump onto these conversations – for example, searching for #smallbusiness might bring up some interesting Tweets about small businesses. Sounds simple, right? It is and it?s something your business should be doing.?

(4) Create compelling content?

It might sound straightforward, but the key to successful social media marketing is having content that people will want to not only read but engage with, whether this is a “like”, a “share” or a “re-tweet”.

Content creation can be tricky but once you figure out what your niche is, start writing about it. It could be in the form of an advice article, opinion piece or news about what your business is up to at the moment.

Create content that engages people and tells a story. What did you do, what are your thoughts and how did you explore them? Did you find out anything worthwhile? Share this kind of content across your social media channels and watch the engagement (hopefully) roll in.?

(5) Invest the right amount of time?

You?ve got the platforms you?re targeting nailed down, you know your audience, you?ve started to build a sense of community and conversation ? now what? Knowing how much of your time to invest into your social media management.

Did you know you can schedule Facebook posts and Tweets? Utilising tools like Buffer can help with this, saving you time during the day. But don?t forget to turn on alerts or notifications for when someone engages.

Claire Beveridge is a writer and content producer at?Crunch Accounting.

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