Five things your competitors know about recruitment

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An old boss of mine once said that over his 40-year career he had probably had arecruitment success rate of less than 30 per cent. At the time I had little experience in the matterAnd thought the figure seemed low. Some 20 years down the track I now realise that he wasprobably more successful than the average.

(1) Hire well or suffer

“The secret of my success is that we have gone to exceptionallengths to hire the best people in the world,” said Apple’sSteve Jobs.

Recruitment is one of the most challenging activities that a business is involved with and atthe same time is critical to the probable success of the same. Simply put if you dont hire well you will suffer in two key areas; you will lose endless management time and resource inhandling on-going HR problems; and more importantly you will miss your business goals!

Combatting unconscious bias in recruitment

(2) Usher everyone onto the right bus

Get the right people on the bus and the wrong people off the bus,” according to management consultant and author Jim Collins.

I like the analogy of a business being a bus. You are all on it together on the journey tobusiness success. Overtime the complement of people on that bus becomes a mix ofsuccessful hires and others that perhaps wouldnt be selected if they had their time again (Im being diplomatic here).

It is one of the key roles of a business leader to takeresponsibility for the quality of those on the bus and to make changes when required. In aprevious post I dealt with the need to make such decisions quickly for the benefit of allconcerned (“Dont pull your punch?) so I won’t labour this point here.

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Similarly, I have covered what makes an excellent professional (“Are you a professional?”) and in that piece I explored the varied qualities of top professionals such as energy, drive and attention to detail and these are certainly traits that you want to have in your successful team.

Read on for sage advice from Warren Buffett and Ross Perot.

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