Five tips for hiring the right talent

1. Reach the right candidates

Approach head-hunters or advertise broadly and effectively using career websites, word of mouth and social networking.

2. Filter CVs discerningly

Some positions receive hundreds of CVs and anyone can use the internet to structure a respectable CV.

3. Recognise drive

Be prepared to do at least 10 interviews for each position. You need to check the applicants skills and qualifications, observe how they behave under pressure and ascertain whether they want the role and not just the package you are offering.

4. Select the best candidate

Choose between 2-3 candidates with a grading system or list of pros and cons to decide which one is a better candidate for you. If you require an unusual skillset dont restrict your choices too early, the process will require more time and resources.

5. Sell the position

Convince the right person to work for you. Specialists receive job offers on a weekly basis, so you need to find them the right incentive. This can be salary, performance bonuses, general package (various life/medical insurances, gym/social memberships), holidays, working hours (maybe flexible), career perspective, interest in the job/product/company. You need your candidate to be motivated to deliver results for your business.

Alon Gook, head of HR and compliance at Oracle Capital Group

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