Five tricks to become a better mentor

4) Share your network

The world of business is all about networking these days. As a mentor you’ll have built up a lot of useful and credible contacts over the years, and by sharing your network with your mentee you can help open up even more doors for them. 

Furthermore, encouraging your mentee to share their network with you too will ensure you both have a more fulfilling relationship. If you are a mentor to several people, use their networks to create an ecosystem for your mentees. This is a great way for you to add incremental value for them.

5) Encourage introspection

One thing I really like to do as a mentor is encourage people to explore their personal values and strengths. 

If people can find the intersection of what is really important to them with the areas in which they truly excel, greatness and happiness usually follow. And that’s a win-win situation for everyone involved. I call this “whole person mentoring” and it goes beyond the walls of your company but can have a huge impact for your mentees in all parts of their lives.

Overall, the best mentors see their role as one that transcends simply giving advice. Being a sounding board and helping them to think through the situation will be far more empowering for your mentee than advising them directly what to do as you would do. 

The end result is that you will have helped them to learn to think through issues for themselves, filter the issue through their own values and trust their own judgement – arguably some of the most essential skills for any leader.

Chris Ciauri is senior vice president for Salesforce EMEA.

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