Five types of business you should launch today to make a quick buck

London is the perfect space for launching new businesses. But which endeavour to engage in in a city already bursting at the seams with bright ideas?

We?ve drawn up a list of the top 5 businesses that budding entrepreneurs should start in the capital, based on areas where customer demand is rocketing and existing providers can?t keep up, where prices are prohibitive and you could swoop in offering quality at competitive rates, and where London outdoes the rest of the country in requests for services.

From the weird to the wonderful, these are the top 5 businesses you should think about launching now:

1. Interior design

Full of fashionistas and ahead of latest trends, London loves aesthetics. But it?s not just apparel that concerns Londoners. With 85 per cent more requests for interior design than the rest of the nation, and over a third of all requests for designers coming from the capital, it?s time to channel your interior Linda Barker and start making over the capital?s homes!

2. Martial arts training

Londoners are putting the mean back in to the streets ? or they would be if they could find martial arts trainers. With trainers raking in up to almost ?50 per hour, give them a run for their money by undercutting prices. That?s fighting talk.

3. Engraving

Either we?re a romantic bunch or we?re popping our clogs too soon ? between wedding rings and tombstones, Londoners are requesting engravers a whopping 35 per cent more than the rest of the nation. With each job averaging almost ?90, this profession gets you bang for your buck – or even shrapnel for your scratches.

Read about how you can turn your business idea into a reality:

4. Nutritionist

Nowhere does food mad like London. Hooked on healthy eating and barely able to move for gluten free options, we?re over twice as likely to request a nutritionist in the capital, and supply can?t keep up with demand. So nourish the nation and grow yourself a healthy bank balance with a tasty nutrition business, where rates are in excess of ?60/hour.

5. TV repair

Repairs might not seem like the sexiest of industries, but series-mad Londoners are glued to their sets and requesting repairs like winter is round the corner and new seasons are about to start. Good old fashioned repair regains all its charm when you consider that Londoners pay twice as much as some regions to keep their boxes working.

John Oberlin Harris is head of trends at

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