Five ways that big data will change how consumers shop in 2016

(3) Data will be faster than ever before

The creation of software like Apache Spark and other real-time analytics engines will lead to the demand for real time, super-fast data.

With this super-fast data comes more machine processing and less human intervention. Your website will be expected to clickstream data and choose relevant offers and the best layout or design for the reader automatically rather than collect the data and feedback.

Here is the metaphoric travel website of the future. The consumers searches “luxury holidays” in a search engine and gets directed to your specifically designed site for high spend consumers. Here, they will be presented with a dedicated customer number used for call tracking and their movements begin to be recorded. Instant fast analysis shows you that they want deals in Barbados, or beach resorts so your side bar promotions, offers and messages point to what great beach deals you have.

In technical terms, we will be able to set a reaction to any set of consumer movements. The reader clicks on an area of the website the data is then sent to a tool like Hadoop which analysis it in a split second and sends back the required actions to the site.

As well as increasing personalisation and shortening the buying cycle these applications could reduce fraud online.

(4) Everything will be subject to “datafication”

We have already seen the power of connected devices in tracking our behaviour and influencing purchases. This will go one step further in 2016 and every entity will be subject to “datafication”.

We already have the hugely popular fitness trackers watching our every move and relaying it back to organisations who can sell us weight loss pills or gym membership. 

The latest addition is sensor-equipped carpets which promise that the elderly will be able to stay independent for longer. How” Well the carpet detects when your movement deteriorate or any stumbles and unbalanced footing and alerts you or your carers.

For consumers, we will be able to track real-time purchase in store with beacons. Data will be sent and processed immediately ready to send you a personalised message on the next applicable offer coming your way along the shopping aisle.

(5) Data privacy laws will struggle to keep up

With the advent of breeches in data security, 2016 will see the law getting more serious about our data.

Current laws are cloudy and lag behind technology and I believe this will continue. With every data breech there will be a new law passed and improvements made but it will not be able to keep up with the rapidly progressing technology in big date.

The future looks promising for retailers with increased insight into our lives. For the consumers it can be just as fruitful if you are aware of the data collected. To get the best deals online or in-store, you need to give a little of yourself to get something back, much like relationships with friends and loved ones.

Gina Hutchings is a consultant at Receptional

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