Five ways to compare funding for your business

1. FindmyFinance

The CBI’s portal allows you to look for the most appropriate growth or working capital funding based on answers to a few questions. ?It’s focused on non-bank funding and gives comprehensive information about how different forms of finance work.

2. FundingStore

FundingStore helps compare funding from a massive range of sources, from crowdfunding to bank loans, angel investment and government grants.

3. Alternative Business Funding?

Set-up by Britain’s leading alternative funders, ABF compares finance option from its eight members which provide crowdfunding, invoice finance, P2P loans, pension-led funding and angel investment.

4. FindSMEfinance

This portal comes from the National Association of Commercial Finance Brokers. It compares a range of different funding options which it approves and claims to be “the safest, surest way to funding”, but you’ll have to hand over your details to get the results.


Not as comprehensive as the others but a good starting point for impartial advice.

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