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Five ways to gain a loyal workforce

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Here are some methods weve found successful in fostering a strong sense of loyalty at all levels of business.

(1) Pay well

We may as well get the most obvious motivator out of the way first. Pay staff well and they will be happier, more motivated and less likely to go off and find a job elsewhere.

Research the market rate for each position in your organisation and be prepared to pay at least this, or more, depending on how valuable the job role is. Staff should not just be rewarded by financial remuneration, though. Professional development should go hand in hand.

Develop a training and development programme with each worker that shows how much you value them and wish to invest in their future. This does not have to be in the form of expensive, external training or residential courses. Frequently, the best training is delivered in-house by senior staff or mentors who know all aspects of your business.

(2) Give everyone a purpose

If someone feels the work they are doing is meaningful, theyre more likely to get satisfaction from delivering it. Aim to give staff at all levels of your business responsibility and accountability. By doing this, performance levels should be increased.

By demonstrating the impact that an individuals efforts have on the business, theyll take pride in your success. This deepens their loyalty to your company and you, as their employer.

Read more about engaging and motivating staff:

(3) Be transparent

This may sound as obvious as paying staff well but by being open about your companys vision, its progress and targets you will bring your team closer to you.

Treat people well, take an interest in their lives and never make them feel like theyre merely there to obey your orders.

Make a point of giving regular updates to all staff, outlining successes, challenges, plans and progress. This demonstration of trust on your part will deepen their loyalty to the company.

(4) Recruit young

Recruiting staff with little experiences offers lots of advantages. They won’t come with any bad habits and you will be able to mould them into the workers you need. Whats more, they will bring with them the perspective thats unique to Generation Zs. A generation who have been brought up to be tech savvy, for whom communicating socially is second nature and email is old hat.

They could bring a very fresh perspective to your business that will be important to its continued evolution and progression.

(5) Let staff take risks

While it’s the younger age group who will naturally be on the edge of everything thats new and different, all employees should be free to experiment and develop ideas.

Encourage creativity and discovery and be open to ideas from all levels of your business. The best idea might come from a totally unexpected source.

By allowing staff to think innovatively, you can reap the rewards, while making your workers feel they are contributing in a big way.

Similarly,A survey conducted by Harvard Business Review in June 2014 strived to find out how bosses could increase productivity. It revealed that when it came to garnering commitment and engagement from staff, there was one thing that leaders needed to demonstrate respect.

Sean Blanks is MD of



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