Five ways to hold more productive business meetings

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(1) Make sure everyone knows the goal and agenda

Without clearly communicated goals, it’s likely that your meetings will be less productive and take more time to complete. Thats because youll have attendees who start meetings unfocused and others who may not even need to be there in the first place, so it’s important to clearly define your meetings in advance to avoid any wasted time or effort.

By setting an agenda for every meeting you have, regardless of how small it is, youll be able to explain your goals to attendees in advance and enable them to decide how useful the meeting will be and if they actually need to attend.

Most of your staff have checked Twitter, Facebook and Instagram during meetings

(2) Surrender your mobiles

Mobiles and tablets may be important to use in your business on a daily basis, but they can also be an unwelcome distraction when it comes to meetings. After all, the temptation to answer emails, respond to customers on social media or do some online research can be far greater than actually paying attention to whos talking.

So if you often find that phones get as much attention as speakers during a meeting, you may find it more effective to ban mobiles altogether. Removing distractions can help you focus your meetings, which should help reduce the overall time you spend in them.

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