Five ways to miss out on new business

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1. Not making the most of every opportunity

Every missed phone call, unattended meeting or avoided networking opportunity has the potential to cost you new business. You don’t need to launch into a sales pitch at every opportunity but always be prepared with some key points to make the most of every contact you meet.

2. Making a bad impression

Showing up late, not looking after your appearance, pushy sales techniques and poor personal hygiene all have the potential to kill a sale.

3. Failing to follow-up

Don’t be disheartened by a potential customer who says they need time to think or doesn’t get back to you right away. Make sure you keep a record of everybody you’ve spoken to to make sure you remember who to follow-up with.

4. Not taking advantage of new technology

From social media to cloud-based telephony, there’s always more innovations coming along to help ensure you can reach as many customers as possible.

5. Having a sub-standard communications system

The right phone system can make a great impression on potential clients. Features like auto-receptionists, on-hold music and dial-by-name employee directories can help show callers that you’re real professionals.

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