Five ways to scale your business

4. Have the right people around you

Scaling will require more people, but you need employees who buy into what you?re trying to achieve and know that your company has forward momentum. It could also mean adding in a level of middle management you simply didn?t need before.

Also, bear in mind that you might need to hire to help you scale. Do you need people to carry out your existing operations, freeing up your senior people to focus on growth, or do you need experts on China to support the office you?re opening there? You need to ask yourself if the existing leadership can scale the business or if you need to bring in people who can.

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5. Be willing to compromise

Nothing is set in stone and fulfilling that vision for the business may require you to, for example, pay your suppliers a bit more than your competitors do. Or perhaps you planned to open in China, Russia and Brazil this year, but red tape in one of those countries is delaying everything ? so you can only open in one of them.

What you can never compromise, however, is your vision for the business. That?s how you began and it?s what will carry you into further success.

Dale Lovell is chief digital officer at?Adyoulike UK.

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