Five worker archetypes and effectively managing them

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(2) The Gossiper

If your office lacks an alpha, it’s virtually guaranteed to have a gossiper. As if chatting was in their job description, gossipers spend most of the day bending the ear of anyone whos willing to listen and their topics of conversation arent always safe for work.

From badmouthing their peers to complaining about business matters, gossipers can quickly spread ill feeling in the workplace whether they intend to or not. Of course, the odd bit of a nattering should be encouraged and not frowned upon, but leave a gossiper unchecked and theyll soon take advantage.

The best way to deal with gossipers is to instil a my doors always open atmosphere in the office. By encouraging staff to come to you with their problems (however trivial they may be), youll nurture a healthier, happier, and less secretive working environment.

Worried you’re a gossiper or just talk too much in the office Entrepreneur has a guide to some of the tell-tale signs that could indicate you’re the blabbermouth of the business.

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(3) The Superhero

Take the time to recruit the right staff, and you may be lucky enough to find your very own workplace superhero. As capable as alphas whilst lacking the same narcissistic tendencies, office superheroes care about the greater good of the business, and not just perfecting their own CV. Steadfast and dependable, these heroes and heroines of the workplace dont complain when theyre asked to stay late, and are happy to forego their own progress to help a colleague in need.

Given that these business superheroes often shun the limelight in favour of anonymity, it can be difficult to work them out and manage them effectively. To keep them happy, offer praise where it’s due and ensure their career trajectory is upwards, not sideways. Alphas can often overshadow their efforts, so keep a close watch to make sure the right person gets the gold star.

To find out who the superhero is in your office, take a look at the guide to office superheroes from TonerGiant.

The final two office archetypes are revealed on the next page.

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