Five worker archetypes and effectively managing them

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(4) The Upstart

Young upstarts can dazzle with their knowledge and eagerness to learn, and they make a bright and positive addition to the office. But be wary these bright young things may be ambitious and hardworking, but they have a lot to learn and can often make mistakes in their keenness to impress.

Other members of staff may also have a huge influence on them, which could prove detrimental to their character and progression.

To bolster the skills and experience of young members of staff, provide plenty of opportunities for vocational training, and nurture positive relationships between new and existing team members.

Halogen Software, a specialist in talent management, has a brilliant guide on nurturing the top talent in your organisation. In the guide, Halogen quoted Dr John Sullivan, who stated in 2012 that top performers produce as much as 10 times more than the average worker, whilst requiring less than two times the pay a statistic worth bearing in mind during your next search for new talent.

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(5) The Slacker

Its a sad fact, but most businesses endure an office slacker someone who does the bare minimum to avoid being laid off. Lacking motivation and drive, slackers can demotivate the office and leave their colleagues feeling resentment towards how the business is managed, particularly if their poor performance is dragging the whole team down.

If you have work-shy personnel on your staff, it’s important to assess the situation carefully before dolling out P45s. By addressing the issue, you may find theres a perfectly good reason for their apparent laziness, or that something could be put in place to better manage the issue.

Recruitment expert Totaljobshas previously addressed the issue of dealing with the office slacker, and suggested that a subtle strategy is the best way to deal with idle minds within the business.

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