Flexible working seduces senior staff

“Flexible working is something that a small business like ours can use to attract employees,” he says.

RadioWorks is based in London’s advertising hub – Charlotte Street – and turns over £18m. It was established in 1990 by Michael Charnley-Heaton, who is the current CEO, and currently employs around 50 people across three UK offices.

Park believes it’s becoming more important than ever for firms to offer employees the opportunity to work from home, for recruitment and retention purposes but also because of green and transport issues.

“Ready access to computers is absolutely key if people are going to work from home,” he says. “I think increasingly, a business like ours is only going to succeed in London, which is where the advertising industry is based, if we have people who don’t have to attend a location every day.”

Park also notes that flexible working is crucial in getting mothers back into the workplace after their maternity leave is up.

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