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Follow the brothel’s lead

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But, in these difficult economic times, you have to give the featured brothel points for shrewd marketing.

The story (seen in the Sydney Morning Herald) is this: Gold Coast brothel sponsors survey looking at sex-based web searches.

Result? National press!

Hardly surprising given the outcomes of the survey. SMH’s summary is this: “Victorians are lonely, South Australians are kinky and Queenslanders and people from NSW are just mad for it.”

I reckon this is the type of out-of-the-box, blue-sky marketing that all entrepreneurs should be striving for during these dark days when every marketing penny has to count. A brothel sponsoring a survey? Brilliant!

PS Is the title “general manager” of a brothel just a glorified way of saying “pimp”?Related articlesRecession proof your business: clever marketingHow to survive an economic downturnPicture source

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