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Why Ford Direct vehicles are still the number one choice for small business

Even when you buy used Ford Fiesta you can be confident of making a good buying decision for your business. Ford has achieved the engineering excellence to build vehicles that can cater to all types of business uses across the niches. Ford cars are built to outperform other business vehicles in respect of both efficiency and toughness. Just because maintenance remains a constant concern for businesses, the superiority of Ford is easily felt.

Picking the right cargo van can be harder than you think. Although there aren’t many models available, they each look surprisingly similar on paper, and it’s not like there are many reviews dedicated to finding the right cargo van for business needs. Fortunately, we’ve listed today’s six best cargo vans, and we’ve explained the various configurations and optimal uses of each van in basic language to make it as easy as possible to understand.

Ford Transit vans are famous worldwide for their utilitarian approach and efficiency. Started as a full-size cargo van in 2015 this soon replaced outdated E-series of the company. Ever since it became introduced it became one of the most popular business vehicles bearing the legendary Ford brand name. Thanks to Ford Transit Direct businesses now can avail the most sophisticated vehicle service for goods carriage. There are basically two available versions available, respectively one with a regular wheelbase and the other with a long wheelbase. When you opt for long-wheelbase models you have further choice of choosing options with standard or extended length. To make things further customised you can choose Ford Transit in high-roof form as well. The high roof one offers a standout 81.5 inches cargo height in the interior. Clearly it comes as one of the best cargo van vehicles as of now.

When you consider engines, Ford Transit offers three impressive options, respectively as a 3.7-litre V6 loaded with 266 horsepower, EcoBoost V6 turbo ensuring better mileage when running on gas, and a five-cylinder 3.2-litre turbo-diesel engine that can easily carry heavy loads. As far as engine power and load carrying capability is concerned, Ford Transit comes not second to any of its competitors. Ford Transit offers the range of options that perfectly fit into any type of business requirements of transporting goods.

There are few aspects that make choosing business vehicle important for the overall efficiency and performance of a business. In this respect too, instead of concentrating on the end result we must focus on the process. Your business vehicle first of all should be all equipped to take the loads of goods on the road while maintaining good performance on the road. It is also equally important for business vehicles to be strong built to withstand the wear and tear of uses. Moreover, the custom vehicle options with different wheelbase, comfort seating arrangements and engine horsepower made Ford as the ideal option for business carriage and vehicles.

While business uses of vehicles tremendously vary as per specific and niche requirements, a heavy duty Ford vehicle like Ford Transit comes as your ideal” choice. Ford has a legendary reputation of surpassing previous vehicles with more sophisticated updates or new feature rich, more performance driven vehicles for carrying goods. Ford Transit with three or more types of engines with different horsepower and mileage just makes the perfect choice for businesses across the niches. If you are a shop owner with regular needs of transporting goods across different locations, nothing comes as good a choice as Ford business vehicles.

Jennings Ford Direct has emerged as one of the most authentic and acclaimed dealers of Ford business vehicles including Ford Transit. Over the years Jennings made its reputation as one one of the most reliable Ford dealers with standout service and responsive communication. This is why when opting for Ford Transit vehicles they look up to the Jennings Ford Direct first. Jennings is known to have closely aligned its distribution policy to address the typical requirements of small businesses. Ford Transit as the newest and most sophisticated among the business vehicles just fit into the overall business strategy of the company.



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