Former England captain Sol Campbell running to replace London mayor Boris Johnson

Sol Campbell revealed his interest in politics in 2014 ? when he described Ed Miliband’s Labour?s Mansion Tax?as “flawed and basically not fair at all“. In October he?joined the Conservative Party, suggesting that he could influence ?the black vote?.

?I have got so much to offer,” he had said. “I think it is very important for the black vote. If the ?black vote? votes it will clearly push someone over the line. I am for getting people from my background to vote.?

He has recently revealed his intention to stand?for London Mayor after Boris Johnson retires ??telling SunNation: ?I?m in it to win it.?

Campbell, who retired from football in 2012, will appear at a hustings?? a Question Time-style debate between party contenders ??on 4 July.

The ex-England player said he wanted to give something back to London. He explained that he came from a working class background and had to work hard to get where he is today.

He told SunNation: ?I?m going in with my eyes wide open. I know I?m not going to be a frontrunner.?But I look at people who have been in politics for five, ten, 15 years, and muck up. You see them muck up and think ?You guys are supposed to be pro!??People that have gone to Oxbridge, had thousands spent on their education, and I mean they are royally mucking up.?

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He admitted that he expected his decision to trigger media attention, but that he was up to the challenge. This could be due to fans berating him for leaving Tottenham in order to join rivals Arsenal in 2001.

The footballer has insisted that he can cope with politics. He suggested that back then, people had wanted to “wipe him out.”

?I?m a different man now,? he said.

He noted however, that he would get nowhere if people?kept thinking about football, more specifically about his move to Arsenal.

“We are dealing with people?s lives here,” he said.??I want to change London for everybody.?

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