Founders Diaries: Introducing Transline Group founders Paul Beasley and Jon Taylor

Transline Recruitment founders
We?re the founders of Transline Group, one of the UK?s fastest growing recruiters. Set up in 1989, we spotted a gap in the market to fulfil businesses? growing requirement for large workforces alongside helping an ever-growing pool of workers needing jobs.

We?ve now spent nearly 30 years placing candidates in the right roles with Transline?Group so that our clients can concentrate on what?s important to them ? servicing their own customers effectively by having enough internal resource and growing their business with both skilled and right-fit teams.

It?s fair to say we know about recruitment so our entries will cover anything a business owner or HR professional needs to consider when looking for a new starter; whether searching to fill that one vital role or bringing on a swathe of temporary workers to facilitate seasonal business surges.

There are several big challenges ahead for the industry and our clients? sectors; getting to grips with legislation being one.

As business owners ourselves, we know all too well that finding, fostering and keeping talent is crucial for company growth and excellence in a chosen field. Recruitment was traditionally a sector that few made careers in, for many it was a stopgap to their “real” career or something they fell into and never quite got out of. But in the past ten years, we?ve noticed a change in the way people view the sector and with that came a demand for roles, and with that came competition in the form of other likeminded companies.

Talent aside, we also know that success doesn?t come without daring to dream big. Future entries will take a look at navigating and setting up in international markets as well as how to handle and manage a fast growth track ? including remembering to breathe along the way and take stock of where you?re going as a business.

We?ve evolved Transline?Group so much as we?ve grown that we will also talk about the importance of diversifying and giving new things a go to service clients properly. It doesn?t work out every time but we?ve had many success stories ? sometimes the key is progress over perfection.

A growing profile can mean a growing level of scrutiny and so, a future entry may look at the importance of protecting and guarding your corporate reputation, and how to handle challenging times while not losing sight of the company?s objectives or mission.

Lastly, it?s now over a year past the date Back to the Future predicted hoverboards would play a much more prominent role in travel. While that hasn?t quite happened, there is no doubt that the introduction of drones and the growing use of robotics and technology across many fields has shaken up the sector. You can expect to see entries on the changing face of the UK?s workforce and what?s next.

This article is part of a wider campaign called Founders Diaries, a section of Real Business that brings together 20 inspiring business builders to share their stories. Bringing together companies from a wide variety of sectors and geographies, each columnist produces a diary entry each month.?Visit the Founders Diaries section to find out more.

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