Four in five startups struggle to find the right talent

The survey found that technical roles such as web development were the hardest to fill ? 60 per cent said they were primarily looking to fill technical roles, while 40 per cent said the same of sales and business development positions.?

Almost one third (30 per cent) said it has taken them more than six months to fill a position.?

Startup Institute founder Aaron O?Hearn said: ?It is alarming to see the extent of staffing challenges in the startup community. While there is much talk about startup hubs thriving, there is a real danger they won?t reach their full potential because the talent pipeline is not strong enough.?

An overwhelming 61% of startups said they source the majority of new recruits through their professional network and referrals. Only 24% said they hired from direct applicants and a mere 6% said they source new candidates through recruitment agencies.

O’Hearn added: ?Short on time and resources, founders are struggling to find new recruits who can add immediate value in fast-moving teams.

?This is a worrying trend and it?s important to bring this to the public?s attention as high-growth technology companies continue to play a bigger role in the economy.

?Governments are thankfully taking note and I hope initiatives such as the Year of Code in the UK will be successful.?

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