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Four keys to improving your company’s internal communication

From FDs explaining just why the latest financials matter to tech support helping other employees get to grips with their computers, strong internal communication is a vital element in keeping your business as a well-oiled machine.

Here’s five tips for getting internal communication right:

1. The importance of purpose

Understanding the point of sending a message is key to making it effective. If you don’t think about what you want to achieve then you won’t know what you need to include in your message.

If you’re asking an employee to give a presentation, make it clear whyyou want them to do it so they don’t dedicate precious time talking about irrelevancies.

2. Short is sweet

Trawling through endless emails and enduring rambling presentations is a waste of time. Every time you communicate try and boil it down to the minimum amount of inormation you need to keep your message across.

This also applies to the specific words you use – don’t use five when one would do.

3. Choosing the right medium

Meetings disrupt employee workflow by dragging them away from their desks, and can rumble on as you get dragged into discussing the minutiae of a decision.

On the other hand it can be hard to explain complex topics on email and some issues benefit from more of a personal touch. Think about which way of communicating will be most effective for the message you want to give.

4. Clarity

Avoid vagueness at all costs. Think about what it is you really mean and don’t beat about the bush. Use specific words and ask your audience to confirm that they understand what you are trying to say.

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