Four principles from a famous stand-up comedian that could save your business

Lesson three: Listen to your audience

As the old adage goes, ?Learn to listen, listen to learn.? Acaster uses the practice makes perfect ethos at open mic nights to gauge audience response to new material. Listening to audience feedback is far more beneficial than spending hours fine-tuning jokes on his own. In fact, this strategy needs to be applied to your customer management teams today.

In the world of business, online reviews and social media are becoming a very real and important facet in the modern path to purchase. People trust the opinions and reviews of others, often times at the expense of brand messaging.

In a sense, this has ?democratised? business. Power has shifted from producer to consumer, and as a result brands need to improve their customer experience across all online channels.

This means you?ve got one mission: learn from feedback! If the same complaints come up time and again, you should assess the situation within the wider context of your product, stocking and delivery strategy and look for solutions.

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Lesson four: True brand transparency

The technique Acaster uses to make people laugh might have more in common with business functions than you?d imagine. How? Well, think of Acaster as a salesman.

His jokes serve as the products; his punchlines that feeling you get when you use a product or service for the first time. Everything has to be in sync for the desired effect. In Acaster?s words: ?You have got to try and lead them to the door and then open it.?

In other words, brand messaging needs to be honest and transparent throughout the sales cycle. When you?re upfront with your customers, you can lead them to the door and avoid failed expectations.

In an age of heightened awareness, businesses must leave no scope for misunderstanding. Be honest to your customers and the punchline will have an even greater affect.

Bryan Adams is CEO and founder at Ph.Creative

Indeed, honesty is the growth stimulant for rising fitness empire LDN Muscle.

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