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Four reasons taking your business on tour can be an absolute showstopper

Weve all seen the impressive shows put on by the likes of Apple and Microsoft at events and conferences, capturing worldwide press and attention for their products and brands.

Less obviously, but just as importantly, both brands also complement these big shows with smaller strategic events at the local level. Apple, for instance, use their retail stores as hubs of activity for each new product launch, while Microsoft often have in-store promotions with popular retailers for their latest products.

Live events are a great way for a tech brand to engage with an audience and show off products, but even the biggest brands in the world dont rely on a single event, even with digital technology making it possible for a wider audience to witness these events.

In fact, while broadcasts and recordings can be streamed online and shared via social media, giving greater visibility and increased brand awareness, the overall power of the live, immersive environment tends to get lost in translation.

There is a kind of fear associated with putting on big tech events. Its a sense of putting all of your eggs in one basket. What if your key targets arent all in the same place at the same time You may have blown your whole marketing budget and achieved nothing.

This is an issue being faced by many brands in technology and other sectors. As we become increasingly global, customers can be spread right across the world, so it’s not exactly realistic to expect them to all be at the same tech event at the same time.

Taking your tech event on a roadshow tour is an alternative that can help you leverage more from the event. you’re taking your brand, products and message directly to local markets and relevant, key decision-makers – all you need is someone to help you take all of the best bits of your live event and re-package them into a bespoke exhibition unit that can be easily transported across the globe.

But why put your big tech event on tour At Event Marketing Solutions (EMS), we specialise in exhibition trailer hire and there are four reasons we regularly give tech brands as to the difference a tour with an event trailer can make to their marketing strategy.

1. You can build positive personal relationships

If you have a selection of key customers or clients that are based in another region, country, or even on another continent, they may not be able to travel to your big show.

However, imagine the positive effect itll have on how they feel towards your brand when they receive an exclusive invite to a show or exhibition that youve taken to a convenient location for them.

Im yet to meet anyone whos not impressed when a business makes that kind of effort for them. Plus, having face-to-face interaction is much better than email or telephone conversations in forming strong relationships.

2. You will be supporting your sales team

I deal with a lot of sales teams right across the globe and many have the same challenge striking up a meaningful conversation with a potential client or customer. While a big, glossy product launch can help boost this opportunity, a live event is even better as it gives them a genuine reason to call their customer with a personal invite.

Plus, after the event theres further opportunity to build on the positivity your live event will have created, as well as maximising on the fact that your customer will feel it was personalised to them.

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3. Youll be able to target new growth areas

A mobile exhibition that takes your tech brand on tour is an excellent way to target particular parts of the world where you’re looking to establish yourselves. My team, for instance, has experience of organising tours right across the globe, from navigating the complex landscapes of the Middle East and even the cultural intricacies of countries such as Russia.

The idea of venturing into new territories with a tour may be daunting, but the right support can help tech businesses extend their reach around the world.
Youll drive increased local activity

While a big tech event is great for driving content and social media activity, it’s often been and gone shortly after the event. A roadshow tour, meanwhile, will drive content for a much longer period.

Whether it’s press coverage, blogs or hashtags, every time your event pitches up, it will act as a catalyst for local activity, enabling your message to be spread even further. Plus theres the fact that face-to-face engagement leaves a longer lasting impression on your audience.

4. How to put it into practice

A roadshow tour is a complex undertaking for any business, but with the right guidance and support it can be an absolute showstopper.

One of our most recent campaigns for leading tech brand EMC replicated the live event experience with a mobile conference exhibition trailer, which delivered their message to local markets across Europe, Africa and the Middle East that werent able to attend the brands annual conference in Las Vegas, helping them engage with 1,500 additional key decision makers over 12 show days.

So when it comes to planning your tech brands big event, dont think static instead, take the show on the road.

Nic Whelan is the business development director at Event Marketing Solutions


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