Four reasons why Santa is the world’s greatest entrepreneur

1. Brand reputation

Believe it or not, the CEO of a company can have a massive impact on the way a brand is viewed. After all, they represent the views of the company. And let’s face it, Santa is a brilliant marketer. He always turns up with a jolly attitude and massive smile for all. His workers, himself included, all wear recognisable uniforms and handle their customers with expert care.

Not to mention the fact that very year he has a 24-hour window to deliver presents all across the globe. And he manages it! His customer satisfaction levels are through the roof! He says what he’s going to do and then does it. You don’t wake up on Christmas only to realise that Santa hasn’t made it to your house on time. You also don’t receive letters and emails from Santa Inc. explaining how sorry he is that he couldn’t make the deadline this year. Santa also listens to his consumers and then delivers.

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