Four signs your employee deserves a promotion

With?promotion comes more responsibility, opportunities and in a lot of cases, more money! In recent years, companies have placed higher importance on staff development, in a bid to attract and retain talented employees.

But, with a third of workers admitting to moving companies in order to secure a promotion elsewhere, it’s important you are regularly rewarding your staff for their hard work and helping them to move up the career ladder when credit is due.

(1)?They?re consistently performing well

According to our most recent data, the majority of Brits expect to get promoted at random points during their employment, depending on how they?re performing. This should be mirrored in your workplace. Nowadays, organisations are moving away from the traditional annual review, and instead opting to have frequent conversations about career progression.

In doing so, you can closely monitor your employees” performance because you?ll be catching up on a regular basis about their goals and achievements. If a particular individual is consistently performing well, hitting targets, meeting deadlines and generally doing an awesome job, you should reward them!

(2) They?re loyal to your business

It’s no secret that you?ll naturally gravitate towards the workers that appear to be most loyal to your business. After all, you?ll likely have built up a strong rapport and trust. That said, you should never promote someone just because they?ve been at your company for x amount of years and you feel like you need to so avoid this where possible!

Loyalty can be displayed in different ways; from someone recommending your company to a friend, to someone that believes in your business and where it is heading. Not only this, but it’s likely that loyal workers support your decisions as a company. These individuals are invaluable to your success and it might be worth considering them for a promotion.

(3) They?re well respected by colleagues

It’s all very well gaining the popular vote from your co-workers, but people that are actually well respected in the workplace are likely the ones to watch (in a good way!). It can be difficult to gain respect in the workplace, especially on a peer-to-peer basis, but the best workers will be enjoyed by colleagues at all levels.

Aside from asking for management feedback, encouraging your teams to give “shout-outs” for people’s great work, or to vote for team members of the month, can help to uncover the real gems in your workplace. That’s the people who are going above and beyond to not only do their job, but also to help other members of staff along the way.

(4) They?re offering news ideas

In a crowded market, staying ahead of the competition is of the utmost importance. That’s why employees that are constantly coming up with new ideas and ways of doing things are extremely valuable to your business. What’s more, if something that they?ve come up with actually works, they probably deserve to be promoted!

All in all there is a whole host of reasons why your employees may deserve a move up the career ladder, and it’s always important to reward people for the right reasons. Career development is extremely important in today’s working world and if you aren?t able to meet your workers” needs, it’s likely that they?ll move to an employer that will.

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