Four smart ways to improve organic SEO rankings

(3) Responsive design

The number of web users who rely on smartphones to access the internet has grown so rapidly that they are now the number one device for shopping online and Google reward mobile-friendly sites with positive search result rankings.

Tip: Mobile-friendly sites have been responsively designed to adapt to the screen size of individual users so if yours is not responsive, it’s time to upgrade.

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(4) Monitoring

The right SEO strategy can take a lot of refining to get right, so monitoring the impact of any changes you make is vital. With a clear understanding of what works and what doesnt, you’re in a strong position to fine tune your SEO strategy for success.

Tip: Make use of a variety of analytics programmes to monitor the impact of your SEO.

Any business owner can take steps to improve their organic rankings with SEO, but search engines like Google regularly change their algorithms and extensive page ranking criteria which will impact on any strategy you put in place.

The Apprentice winner Mark Wright, founder of digital marketing agency Climb Online,  provided Real Business his thoughts on Googles AdWords update in March  heres what you need to know.

Sophie Elsender is a digital marketing & PR executive at digital marketing agency Yoma

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