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Four time-saving apps for entrepreneurs

3. Buffer: manage your social media

Did you know that nearly 1.7 billion people are active on social media accounts like Facebook, Twitter and Instagram  

Having a social media strategy is as important to your business as having a well-defined product or service. It can play an integral role in your sales, PR, marketing and customer service initiatives. 

And if you’re like many business owners, it’s easy to feel overwhelmed by all the various social media platforms and the nuances of managing and creating content for each. The good news is there are easy to use, time-saving tools to help you manage your social media efforts. 

Buffer is a great example. It will take the content youd like to promote and schedule it to be posted for you so you can drive traffic to your site or increase engagement while working on the other aspects of your business, like finishing a client project or closing your next big order. Multi-tasking at it’s best.

4. Dropbox: secure files on the cloud

If you told business owners ten years ago that the cloud would be their organisations best friend, they would have probably dismissed you for a babbling fool. How could a fluffy white puff of condensation possibly be of any use

Of course, times have changed and most people are now familiar with the term cloud especially when it comes to offsite digital storage for files. 

Using the cloud to store and share important documentation will provide you with greater accessibility to your files from anywhere, allow you to organise or modify your filing system with a few clicks and eliminate your dependency on your computer or clunky filing cabinets. All of these attributes translate into saving time and money to focus on the business of running your business. 

There are many options available such as a system like Dropbox that will keep everything in one secure place. The system allows you to keep files synced to create consistency on your computer, tablet or phone, and it even gives you the ability to edit presentations with your team whether they are right next door or across the country. Now instead of having to go back to the office to find or send a file, your files can follow you.

If running your business has you feeling overwhelmed, why not take the time to look into some time-saving applications  

The time saved will not only help you check a few more items off your to-do list, but also allow you to focus on the things that need your undivided attention like your sales forecast, new patent idea, or your family and friends. Remember them Its your time, use it wisely.

Sean Mallean is global head of product management from Sage One.


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