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How your franchise can stand out from the crowd

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Stepping into a franchise as an entrepreneur can be a challenge. Typically entrepreneurs are independent thinkers, with big ideas and the drive to take charge of a business from head to toe. But when you step into a franchise as a franchisee, you’re no longer the one to make all the big decisions at the very top, and the fear of uniformity can set in.

While you may need to get approval for taking action on certain marketing campaigns, ideas or budget allocation, you as an entrepreneur will be happy to know that franchisors today are encouraging their franchisees to express their personality and offer a personalised experience to customers, while still allowing the core message of the business to run through.

If you’re on the verge of investing in a franchise, here are a few ways you can get your franchise to stand out from the crowd.

Run a unique campaign

While the marketing assets provided to you may be generic, there’s nothing stopping you from running a campaign that speaks to your local audience. In fact, franchisors often expect franchisees to come up with unique ways to market their product or service, as long as it aligns with the business’s core message.

Embrace the idea of corporate social responsibility, for example, and donate a portion of your proceeds from a new line of products to a local charity. You?ll gain attention for your charitable efforts while creating awareness about the launch of new products.

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Use the platforms to your advantage

The platforms you have access to may be generic across all franchises, but you can use them to create a unique experience for each customer. Whether you champion social media and connect with customers with personal stories and a personalised customer service, or allow your customers the freedom to make their experience on your platforms their own, you can curate the platforms to showcase your unique service.

F45 training franchise, for example, has a unique set of technological platforms designed to help franchisees offer a personalised experience to each customer. Each member has access to the app where they can book classes, monitor their fitness levels and track their health data; a challenge portal that offers personalised meal plans, shopping lists and goal setting; and a Game Day application that challenges members to achieve certain goals. F45 provides the platforms; franchisees get to showcase how they differentiate their workouts from their competitors and offer an experience that no other business can.

Standing out from the crowd is not a simple task, but with some creative thinking and strategic use of the platforms you have access to, you can emphasise how your franchise is different from your competitors.


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