Free web accelerator for small businesses

Or, as a helpful PR guy explained, “If you want to get water [content] from the reservoir [your website] to the tap [consumer], an accelerator is the pipe.”

Are we all clear?

Cambridge-based digital delivery company Velocix is offering this little widget for free to small companies. It’s the first time this service has been made available gratis, so it’s a fairly big deal.

Anyone taking up this offer has an allowance of 500gb. That’s over 8,500 songs, or 10-12,000 music videos – more than enough for a young company, finding its web(bed) feet.

This kind of service would usually cost over £400 per month from rival providers. Not a king’s ranson, but the numbers add up. With the freeware, you’re saving £5,000 a year.

What’s the reason behind this spate of generosity” Well, Wayne Griffiths, a very nice technical chap from the company, explained, “The idea is that we help small businesses out now, while they’re starting up. Then, as they grow, and their needs increase, hopefully they’ll grow with us.”

If this sounds like your bag, here’s the website.

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