Friday, 27 March 20009

The pros are obvious: specific knowledge, in this case financial; years of general business experience; an outside point of view and fresh ideas.n The cons are equally apparent; firstly, and far from least at this moment in time, there is cost; and for a single shareholder, family business, the first instinct is to be resistant to the idea that anyone can know the business as well as they do themselves. Fresh viewpoints are invaluable and it is all too easy to sit in the ivory tower of one’s own office and end up totally stagnant. Equally, however, in the current times, where we have own agendas for progress, outside advice from accountants and HR companies, life coaches and business coaches, isn’t there a danger of, however much profit one makes, simply slipping into everyone else’s well-lined pockets?  Related articlesRecruiting a non-executive directorHow to get a Dragon on your board

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