Friday, 3 April 2009

We had extremely competent ladies running customer services ’til one relocated due to her child’s behavioural problems and the other became pregnant. Result of both departing in short space of time, combined with appalling temporaries that followed, was a cost to the business of incredible quantities of money – leave alone blood, sweat and tears in trying to restore  all our carefully developed systems. Still discovering more damage in ISO audits this week. Remember coming round from 2nd caesarean having ear chewed off by customer who I had mistakenly mentioned name of hospital to. Also recall years following of combining starting new business with looking after children at same time, and finding it rewarding and challenging (if occasionally overstretching). Rules are, of course, completely different for those of us running own business. Aforesaid person come back from maternity leave this week after nearly 10 months off , having somewhat ferociously exercised right to work part time. Watching her disappear early due to dentist appointment on third day back, I find myself stretched to be sympathetic to the rights of women and more inclined to complain about people who take the mick.

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