Friday, 8 May 2009

Come in this morning to greeting of two-page epistle from one of two staff awaiting disciplinary procedures. We have completely ballsed up.

When doing the notification of hearing letters, I also mocked up a letter outlining one of the outcomes and how we could discipline the people concerned for the other management to discuss. Somewhere along the line, wires got crossed and employees concerned received both letters.

Massive egg on faces! However, know the only way to handle this situation is to lift hand high and fast, admit error and apologise profusely… and in writing so it is on the record. Luckily, it genuinely was a mock up with various either/or bits highlighted in red, so no one could ever argue it was a finished article.

More sadly, however, one of the two had seen this as an opportunity to try to get their entire disciplinary procedure cancelled. Moreover, they had seen fit to add an extra page and a half of dubious arguments and justifications of their actions. This included the reasoning that there was no breach in health and safety regulations by bringing unauthorised personnel onto the premises given that they were all – unbeknown to them – observed on the premises by senior management.

This is a truly novel approach to misdemeanours. Is theft – for example – not theft, it you are watched doing it?

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