From Don Draper to David Brent: The 6 most famous on-screen offices

(4) Big (Josh Baskin)

When Josh wishes to be big and ages drastically overnight, he finds himself working in a tiny cubicle as a Data Entry Clerk at MacMillan Toy Company in New York. His playful mind and knowledge of toys helps him get a toy testing job and he ends up with the dream office of any twelve year old boy.

Colourful and playful, it definitely contrasts to the drab and boring offices of his colleagues, perhaps they should take a leaf out of his book and add some fun to brighten up their day.

(5) The Sopranos (Tony Soprano)

The Sopranos office is a relaxed environment from which to run your totally legitimate waste disposal business; in fact, as it’s at the back of a strip club, it might be a little too relaxed for some people.

The pool table encourages interaction between co-workers and offers a respite during a busy workday. Its hard to imagine that anyone working here would feel stressed or pressured .

(6) The Apprentice (Alan Sugar)

At first glance, this room seems to have been chosen to intimidate: impersonal, ruthless and dominated by that huge glass table that nothing can cross. Can it really be the place where Sir Alan does business

Actually, no. The demands of shooting a reality show like The Apprentice means that, in order to get all the cameras and crew in the right places, the scenes are actually shot in a TV studio. Its interesting that the one office on this list that is presented as real is, in some ways, the least realistic of them all.

Chris Jenkins is creative director at office design specialist Peldon Rose

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