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From Dubai to Thailand: The most sensational shopping malls on the planet

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13 June 2016

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If spending your cash during a hardcore shopping session is one of your beloved pastimes, we’ve got a ranking of the ten most magnificent malls in the world. It may just help you decide on where to travel to next, should you currently be seeking inspiration for a summer holiday.

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Overseas property broker Tranio boasts 100,000 listings in 57 countries, working with 500 partners. Given its well-placed position to discuss real estate globally, the firm is responsible for the listing of prestigious shopping centres, which covers countries around the world – from the west, to Middle East and Far East.

According to Tranio, Dubai is the leader when it comes to high end shopping, as it championed the Dubai Mall. It’s the largest in the world and is bigger than 50 football fields, while it comes armed with 1,200 shops and 120 restaurants – so no excuse to roam around naked or hungry.

It shouldn’t be surprised the destination is leading the way forward, as the most luxurious hotel in the world can also be found in Dubai. In May, the “seven-star” Burj Al Arab Jumeirah opened an exclusive outdoor area, which is “pushing boundaries of hospitality”.

Anthony McHale, GM, Burj Al Arab Jumeirah, said: “As the world’s most luxurious hotel, Burj Al Arab continuously evolves and re-invents our guest experience through state-of-the-art facilities. Burj Al Arab Terrace is the ultimate destination for indulgence, socialising and relaxing and is another initiative in our endeavour to delight our guests.

“Burj Al Arab Terrace is our most ambitious project since the hotel was created; it’s a global first in hotel construction with a breakthrough combination of creative marine design, ingenious engineering and guest-friendly planning.”

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And guess what, Dubai also has the second-most magnificent mall in the world and it isn’t even built yet. Following that, the US flexed its architectural muscles to secure rankings three to five – supported by the American Dream. No really, that’s the name of a mall brand.

The UK did find a spot on the list, however, so you may not need to worry about travelling overseas to get your shopping fix, should you prefer to opt for a staycation. That’s right, Westfield Stratford City is in seventh place as the largest shopping centre in Europe.

Meanwhile, the Siam Paragon is in tenth place, boasting over 300 elite brands on site as well as a luxury car dealership.

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(1) Dubai Mall — Dubai, UAE

In addition to shops and restaurants, the venue comes with a five-star hotel, cinema with the largest screens in Dubai and aquarium with over 33,000 creatures – and that’s all before mentioning the ice palace and Sega theme park.

(2) Mall Of the World — Dubai, UAE

The Mall of the World will cost $7bn and take a decade to build, but is set to be even bigger than the Dubai Mall, connected by 33 roads and even waterways. 180 million visitors are expected in year one.

(3) Mall of America — Bloomington, Minnesota, US

Built in 1992, the Mall of America cost $650m to build. If you fancy putting a challenge to the test, it’s would take 86 hours in total if you spent ten minutes in each department of the centre. 42 million people visit the venue each year – probably not for 86 hours at a time – and it’s set to double in size by 2018 with a $500m cost.

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(4) American Dream Miami — Miami, Florida, US

Also created by the Triple Five Group, owner of the Mall of America, the Miami-based mall has a $4bn refurbishment project in place to introduce ski slope, salt lake and submarine rides.

(5) American Dream Meadowlands — Meadowlands, New Jersey, US

In what could become the most expensive commercial building in the world with a construction cost of $5bn, the in progress production will have a 4D cinema, concert hall for 3,000 guests, miniature golf cost and the largest artificial ski slope in the western hemisphere. Project completion is set for 2017.

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(6) West Edmonton Mall — Edmonton, Alberta, Canada

Until 2004, the 1981-opened West Edmonton Mall had the Guinness World Record for being the largest shopping centre in the world. With 800 shops to choose from, the site also posses a casino, water park – with the largest indoor wave pool – and petting zoo.

(7) Westfield Stratford City — London, UK

Opened in 2011 to coincide with the 2012 Olympics, 75 per cent of people at the sporting event also visited the mall – something that cost $2.1bn to build. Housing the UK’s largest casino, 300 shops and 70 restaurants, weary shoppers can choose from one of three on-site hotels to get some rest.

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(8) The Hills at Vallco — Cupertino, California, US

The location once had a 96 per cent vacancy, but today is viewed as a hub for shopping, entertainment, business and housing. One of its most revered features is the world’s largest green roof, which has greenhouses, vineyards, gardens and playgrounds spread across 120,000 sq m.

(9) Persian Gulf Complex — Shiraz, Iran

Launched the same year as Westfield, the Persian Golf Complex sounds ideal for those that have just purchases sportswear. It has several swimming pools, tennis court, amusement parks and bowling alley. And don’t worry about finding a space – the car park holds 5,500 vehicles. You’ll just have to worry about finding the car at the end of the day.

(10) Siam Paragon — Bangkok, Thailand

2005-opened Siam Paragon cost $375m to develop. Considered the best mall in the country, the venue is ideal for cinephiles as the on-site cinema has the largest screens on the continent. And for aspiring singers, there’s a karaoke bar available – who knows, it could be your big break.

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