From tiny acorns: How my company grew by selling B2B

My journey from idealistic entrepreneur to founder of a successful business has been a long yet rewarding one. As many people in this position will know, it?s difficult to get off the ground without an idea of who to sell your products to. For example, something I recognised when trying to get Pod Space to move forward, however, was that entrepreneurs needed extra space.

We realised that entrepreneurs would be running their enterprises from home. In doing so, they would need a space where they could do their job without interruption or any distractions in the home. Having an outdoor office in their gardens made perfect sense from the moment it crossed our minds.

Putting clients first

Even small business and sole traders will want their workspace to reflect how they work and how they see themselves. Knowing that the customer is always right, we try our best to make sure that our pods are not only built to the highest possible standard, but are also designed as they would like them to be. Having the right office space is essential in helping entrepreneurs to look good.

Whenever customers choose what type of Pod they would like to act as their office space, they want something that combines style with function, space and comfort. We try to assure our customers that their Pods will be bright, warm and dry all year round, as well as secure, especially as they?re likely to need electric connections in order to power up their computer and gadgets.

Tapping into the remote working trend

Employees, much like home-based SME owners, need somewhere quiet, comfortable and safe to work in, which is where our Pods prove to be useful. Our clients who work for someone else tend to be more design-conscious. Like all businesses, we managed to achieve growth by taking things one step at a time. Rushing is not the thing to do, as you?re left with little time to know whether the step you?ve taken has worked. Having clear goals and realistic expectations was important for us too, as was taking a meticulous approach towards planning for growth and knowing where our niche was.

How we have grown

Initially, Pod Space?s focus was on the garden rooms market, usually as home offices for sole traders and SME owners. As growth came, our business has shifted in focus from homes to commercial and public sector markets. One of our early commercial clients was Porsche, followed by Walter Lilly construction for whom we designed and manufactured buildings to their specific briefs.

After those jobs, we gained interest from the public sector. As we place a great emphasis on our Pods being environmentally-friendly, we got given the go-ahead to help build classrooms for schools and colleges. As our business has grown and developed we are now undertaking projects for much larger Pod buildings.
More recently, we have been involved in building large-scale projects such as a cinema. This shows that from humble beginnings, Pod Space have become a big success story. Following our path could help any other entrepreneur or start-up get on the right track by taking things a little slowly. It?s worth it in the end!

Michelle Lord is co-founder of

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