FTSE 100 is down… again

(*stamps feet* *tosses curls*)

I get that confidence is low. I get that the market is skittish. But I still cannot believe that the FTSE 100 is down by so much… again!

Apparently it’s due to a myriad of things (of course): Opec is meeting to discuss oil prices next week, there’s concern the bank rescue packages that have been developed actually won’t work and we’re all getting a little too comfortable with the concept of a “global recession”.Like Dan McGuire, I’m over it. Each day brings with it another set of woeful statistics and slit-your-wrists news.

At first it was a bit like train-crash television – the news was so bad, it was hard not to marvel at the breathtaking awfulness of it.

Now it’s just like a train crash – worrying and terribly depressing.

When was the tipping point, chaps? When did it all start going pear-shaped? Thoughts, feelings, theories, all welcome…

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