Future 50 star: Cotswold Gold

The company: Cotswold Gold

The boss: Charlie Beldam

No-one gets misty eyed over rapeseed oil. It’s just boring old vegetable oil, right” Not in Charlie Beldam’s opinion. Beldam graduated from the Royal Agriculture College in Cirencester in 2009 and immediately founded Cotswold Gold with his college friend Lawrence Millett-Satow. The pair used the crop from Beldam’s family farm in the Cotswolds to create a product which would prove that rapeseed oil can be as versatile and healthy as olive oil.

Their range of Cotswold Gold oils is made from traditional cold pressing, like the best olive oils. Rapeseed oil has less cholesterol and half the saturated fat. To compete with the olive-oil industry, they have created flavoured oils: including basil, lemon and dill (and soon truffle oil). Cotswold Gold is the only UK brand producing these oils a significant niche. In its first year, Cotswold Gold sold 50,000 bottles and won a string of food industry awards. If Cotswold Gold continues to get endorsement like this, it won’t be long until the foodies are buying this stuff in bulk.

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