Gary Dutton’s no Secret Millionaire

"Secret Millionaire? It’s just not for me," he says. "I didn’t spend all these years building the business and making money just to go back to the sort of council house that I grew up in, even for a short space of time.

And that’s not the only offer he’s snubbed.

"I got another call from a production team. They wanted to give me and a few other of us entrepreneurs £5,000 each and see who can make the most profit over a four-week period.

"It sounded like good fun until I heard the rules of the game. Firstly they want us to live alone in a flat in London for the duration. Then we are told we cannot use any of our contacts to assist in the venture.

"If they want to put me up in the Ritz it may be a little more appealing. But then not to use my contacts would be like taking away what bit of brain I have.

"I don’t mind a joke but sod the pantomime."

It sounds like Dutton’s not the only one to have been approached about the show. Dan McGuire from Broadbean Technology told us he got a call too.

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