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GBA winner Mark Pearson invests in

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Mark Pearson, chairman of and Growing Business Awards Young Entrepreneur of the Year, has invested £250,000 into is an online music discovery website which allows users to discover new music via other people’s Spotify playlists. With over 400 new members joining every day, the website is the largest site of its kind.

Keiron Donaghue, the founder of, will use Mark Pearson’s investment to develop its range of social media and community functions, as well as to raise the website’s profile in new territories, as Spotify expands and grows. Some 10,000 playlists are already played on daily.

“I’m hugely excited,” says Mark Pearson. “It represents everything that inspires me about the newly-emerging media platforms that the internet can offer. is already gaining huge traction and is one to watch in a social music space.”

Mark Pearson has been on the Real Business radar for several years – read our in-depth profile of Mark Pearson here.

He was crowned Young Entrepreneur of the Year at the Growing Business Awards last year, and has since become an angel investor, making his first investment in Blottr last May.

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