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The time for voting is nearly upon us, the moment when millions of people around the UK will go to their local polling station and indicate their MP preference. Real Business has been quizzing the business community to find out how leaders are thinking.

Who are you and what does your business do?

My name’s Andrew Yates and I’m CEO and co-founder of Artesian Solutions, an innovation software company delivering social intelligence and customer engagement for B2B sales. 

How has your business changed over the last five years?

We have gone from startup to scale-up, employing 70 people and providing a valuable software service to over 25,000 B2B sales professionals in the UK. Our customer engagement platform is used by sales teams across all UK banks, most of the insurance sector, and small medium and large tech companies in financial services, media and professional services. 

What are your growth plans for the next five years?

We anticipate to continue to double each year in terms of revenue – we see various milestones on our journey and with the right support and economic conditions we are on track to build one of the most meaningful software companies to come out of the UK in the coming years.

What kind of government would you like to see elected?

Without question, we’re looking for strong leadership that supports enterprise, entrepreneurship and rewards risk takers and wealth creators.

We aren’t keen on any government that believes in the redistribution of wealth, which has long since been proven as a major dis-incentive to helping people and businesses better themselves. 

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Do you think government in general is doing enough to support businesses of your size?

We have managed to grow at a time of economic turmoil. If we stick to the current path and reach a reasonable level of economic recovery we do expect greater support and rewards. Initiatives such as cutting corporation tax or investments supportive of high-performance businesses like ours are crucial to drive growth and value-added innovation. 

Has the impending general election caused any uncertainty regarding how you run your company?


In one sentence, please finish this line: “I’m voting as…”

I’m voting as the CEO of a high growth UK company that is 100 per cent focussed on directly impacting our customers’ growth and would like to see a government that is also committed to accelerating business growth.

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