George Rockett

Name: George Rockett

Age: 38

Company: DatacenterDynamics. We’re an online, print media and events company that works in 45 markets around the world specialising in how data centers are designed, built and operated.

Turnover: More than ?15m.

First job: While studying, I was a bin man, a motorway night worker (that guy that puts the cones out in front of oncoming traffic), and even a barman to the French Foreign Legion. My first “real” job was selling advertising space on a commission only basis ? that?s where I met my business partner 15 years ago.

Dream job: I love drawing, detail and invention so I think architecture would be my thing ? but I?m not ready to commit seven years to study right now.

Car: I?m not really into cars so I have a Ford Fiesta Titanium 1.6 Turbo Diesel ? my Dad worked for Ford and he could choose two new cars every year, any car, but he always chose Fiestas. I guess it?s stuck! I live in the middle of London where cars get trashed so there?s no point in buying something fancy, so I cycle. It is often the quicker option.

Economy, business or first class: Travel used to be a constant, but as our regional offices have grown I am spared the pain. I use air-miles to upgrade to a bed if it is a particularly long journey or overnight. If not, I am happy in premium ? I am not the tallest of blokes so leg room has never been an issue.

Most extravagant purchase: The lease and refit of a restaurant near my home. I tell people I bought it so I could get my favourite dish ? veal Milanese with mash potatoes, Buenos Aires style. Truth is, it was a business venture with someone that knows about the restaurant trade, where I could indulge my interior design fantasies. The coloured encaustic tiles from Spain may have been overkill.

Most played song on iPod: Libertango by Astor Piazzola (I?m half Argentinian ? did you guess from above?).

Best business book: I don?t read business books. But, with a business that can be affected by global events, if I?m not reading the Economist I am at a disadvantage.

Worst business moment: Being royally done-over by a business partner and nearly losing everything; but that?s par for the course for everyone isn?t it?

Proudest business moment: I can?t pick one out. I am constantly proud of my business, our staff and the high regard we are accorded by the market.

Business mentor: Dan Scarbrough is my business partner and we act like two halves of a brain. It?s not always easy, but we are each other?s mentor.

Next big thing: For us, it’s training. But, in general, e-learning technologies are making it ever easier to transfer knowledge and experience in new and interesting ways, which transforms peoples skill sets and eventually markets.

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