Name:?Gerard Doyle

Age: 33

Company: Discount Vouchers?Our aim is to bring shoppers the best and most exclusive discount codes and vouchers available.

Turnover: ?14m?

First job: Ice-cream man

Dream job: Dotcom incubator

Car: VW Golf

Economy, business or first class: Economy, except for the one time my wife flew back to Australia when she was seven months’ pregnant.

Most extravagant purchase: My?Jaeger LeCoultre?watch. An old boss and now friend told me that when I sold my first company, I should spend around one per cent on something that I’d keep to remember my success through.?

Most played song on iPod: “I like to move it” by Reel 2 Real from the Madagascar soundtrack. My three-year-old daughter loves it.

Best business book: What I Learned Losing A Million Dollars by Jim Paul and Brendan Moynihan.

Worst business moment: Realising that it is really hard to sell overseas property during the 2007 global financial crisis.

Proudest business moment: Just before I left Australia, the team at conceived the “nigritude ultramarine” SEO competition. If nothing else, it was fun.

Business mentor:?Michael de Kare Silver

Next big thing: There are lots of technologies out there that can tell you what you might like because other people also “liked” it or because you’ve “liked” similar items before. But I want to see the tech that tells me I might like something “just because you seem to have never tried it” ? and for it to be right!

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