Glasgow 2014 Commonwealth Games: Where tech meets sport

The Commonwealth Games will feature 17 sports, host 4,500 athletes, welcome 1,000,000 spectators from around the world, and be watched by a global audience of 1.5 billion. 

It’s daunting, but with a high level of technical support, it’s nothing the UK can’t handle. 

From connecting athletes, volunteers and officials from around the globe, to supporting business critical functions such as ticketing and video graphics, IT solutions will provide the reliability and support needed to ensure that everyone involved – the fans, volunteers, athletes and officials – will have the best experience possible.

At Dell, we’re excited to be playing our own role at the Games. As the Official IT Hardware and Data Centre Supporter, we hope to play a vital part by providing the technology that will fuel the preparations and enable the games to run flawlessly over the course of the eleven days of competition. 

It is two weeks where nothing can go wrong, and communication between the games sites and to the spectators must not be interrupted. Be it printed results, TV graphics, or scoreboards, we’re eager to lend our hand to the Games by ensuring that results are delivered to the athletes and spectators as soon as possible.

Sport is constantly evolving and new inventions will always have an impact. Materials have changed from wood and leather to rubber and carbon fibre. Technology has changed from a simple windup clock to a voice activated stopwatch on a mobile phone or tablet. 

As advances in technology continue to be made, athletes and spectators will continue to demand hi-tech experiences and, as a top-tier technology company, we have a responsibility to deliver. 

Technology has perhaps been an unsung hero in the world of sport and by being a champion of the second largest multi-sporting event in the world after the Olympics; we hope to help people make the connection between what they’re experiencing and the technology needed to make it function.

Tim Griffin is vice president and managing director of Dell UK.

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