Glide Pharma in the money

Glide, which was established in 2001, has developed a solid dose delivery system for a range of drug and vaccine applications.

The company aims to offer an alternative to the traditional needle injection currently used in many forms of vaccination.

The device is operated by a spring mechanism which pushes solid drugs through the skin and into the underlying tissue, where they dissolve and are released into the patient’s bloodstream.

Drugs in a solid dose form also make them more stable, removing the need for refrigeration and offering the potential to generate substantial cost savings.

Oxford Technology 4 VCT, Oxford Capital Partners and a number of business angels previously provided the company with a £2.3m third round of funding in 2007.

“This funding reflects the major progress we have made in positioning the Glide SDI system as a mainstream alternative for the injection of small molecules, biopharmaceuticals and vaccines,” says Glide Pharma founder Charles Potter.

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