Good corporate governance is vital for all firms

Copp practises what he preaches with the mobile phone technology company recently appointing a heavyweight non-executive director and chairman – media guru Richard Eyre. He is the outgoing chairman of GCap and was previously CEO of Capital Radio and ITV.

Copp says good corporate governance is important for businesses of any size. “There are always challenges growing early and mid-stage companies and being able to have an experienced hand as part of the team lends us, as a company, an advantage. It certainly adds value to what we’re doing,” he says.

Eyre was a good choice for Rapid Mobile because he has “very strong experience of all aspects of the media industry as well as managing companies”. Copp adds: “He will also provide a strong hand on the board.”

There are plenty of opportunities for companies in the mobile advertising market and Copp says it’s vital the firm is able to “run hard and fast enough to capture as large a proportion of that market as possible”.

Rapid Mobile recently completed an investment round to ensure it has the financial resources to aggressively target the market. Copp comments: “Richard will obviously provide some guidance in doing that now he’s on board.”

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