Good & Proper Tea: What happens after a successful crowdfunded project

How has Kickstarter changed since you used the site

Clearly it’s absolutely exploded since then. Its massive, everybody knows about it now and thats legitimised it. Doing the same project now, getting eyeballs, would be a lot harder, which is the first hurdle. You would have to put a lot more work into how it’s going to spread.

What did you learn from the process

I had no idea delivering the awards was going to be such a massive undertaking. Id put it would be a good Christmas thing, suddenly the post deadlines were coming up. I spent a week packing tea 19 hours a day. Everybody could choose any combination and options. I had a serious production line, packing the tea, hand stamping it, and spent over 1,000 on postage and boxes. Had I not gone over my amount [that was the original goal] Id have been in a pickle.

It would no doubt hurt anyones pride to not get the funding, but there are lots of reasons why. If you have put all your effort in and dont get the funding, thats probably the best market research you can get and it didnt cost you anything. If you can take the emotion out of it, Id recommend it.

Whats next for the business

Weve spent two years on the road and weve just had a great summer at the festivals. Im looking for help for the first time. We already sell our teas online, but we need to invest in the website to improve repeat buys and things. Were making our teas available for retailers too, which is like running a whole other business, and pursuing lots of other avenues.

Image source: Daniela Stallinger (Bearleader Chronicle)

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