Goodbye Pimlico Plumbers, hola Puerto Banus Plumbers?

At the heart of this issue is the impending 50p tax rate for high earners, which comes in next month.

This country needs to support entrepreneurs, not give them an excuse to sling their hook and take their ideas, skills and ability to make money and create jobs to other parts of the world.

High-earning entrepreneurs create employment and drive the private sector forward. This government perpetually wants to crush them out of existence or, more likely, out of the country.

This is a decision I, too, am facing. I’m seriously considering saying goodbye Pimlico Plumbers and hola to Puerto Banus Plumbers and take my business to Spain. 

I don?t think I am the only entrepreneur thinking this ? others will be contemplating the same decision.  The UK will become an entrepreneurial desert.

What ambitious young business person would start a new enterprise in the full knowledge that as soon as they start showing a bit of promise, they are going to be smashed by The Revenue?

Recently I have been speaking at enterprise events to encourage startup businesses. I have come into contact with so many motivated and driven entrepreneurs, and it would be a crying shame to see these guys think twice about their business aspirations and become followers rather than leaders.

I ask you, what kind of government would smash entrepreneurial spirit like that and expect business people to sit back and be fleeced on account of their success?

As a nation, I know we are in dire financial straits, but this tax hike is the wrong way to go about sorting out the mess. At least George Osborne has gone on the record as saying he?d like to get rid of this “supertax”. Hopefully it will be some kind of nasty memory by the end of the summer.

Meanwhile, I received a letter from Chris Holt, founder of the John Holt Cancer Support Foundation (one of the charities I worked with on Secret Millionaire), on how they?re getting on with the move into their new building. 

They?ve put in planning permission to make various changes to the building. Hopefully, they’ll get the go ahead before the end of the month.  That?s when Pimlico?s “away team”, consisting of a few plumbers and a carpenter, will head back up to Warrington to help the Foundation with the move. They?ll be assisting with everything from shifting and moving, plumbing in the washing machine, installing the cooker, fitting new kitchen cupboards and putting in a new shower area.

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